How Do You Serve Honeycomb On A Charcuterie Board?

You might have heard of the word ‘charcuterie’ it might be something completely foreign to you, or you might know all there is to know.

But, did you know that you can serve honeycomb with your charcuterie? Perhaps you do know and are not sure how to serve it. 

Well, you are in luck, in this article we are going to explore what a charcuterie board is and a whole host of ways you can serve honeycomb. 

So, without further ado, let us begin. 

What Exactly Is A Charcuterie Board?

Charcuterie is a culinary art that goes back almost 10,000 years. That is to say, it has been around in some capacity for about that long.

But, the term ‘charcuterie’ goes back to the 15th century and is a skill set that involves preparing, and curing a variety of meat products such as the following:

  • Sausage
  • Terrines
  • Bacon
  • Salami
  • Galantines
  • Ballotines
  • Pate
  • Confit
  • Ham

It is a French word, Chair meaning flesh, and cup meaning cooked. This word was once used to describe certain shops in 15th century France that sold foods made from pork. This often included cured meats, cuts of meat, and a pig’s organs. 

Today, a charcuterie board is a word that is used to describe an elegant way to enjoy a selection of cured and cooked meats, cheeses, fancy breads, fruit, olives, nuts and even honeycomb.

Charcuterie is an ideal way to please all manner of tastes and pallets. So, if you have a crowd of hungry folks to feed, a charcuterie board might be a great way to bring everyone together and also feed them a selection of delicious snacks. 

What do I Pair Honeycomb With?

how do you serve honeycomb on a charcuterie board?

Honeycomb can be an interesting addition to your charcuterie board. But it might leave you wondering how you can serve or even what the best way to eat this delicious sweet delicacy.

Do you just eat a slice of honeycomb on its own, or do you put in on a delicious fresh slice of bread? There is no wrong answer, but in this section we are going to look at different ways you can enjoy this delicious, smooth, and sweet treat. 

Put It On Fresh Bread

One great option for honeycomb is to serve it with a fresh artisan bread. So, with your bowl of honey comb or your platter of honeycomb, you can put this sweet treat onto a slice of bread.

Even better, if you add some meats and cheeses for a sweet and savory snack, you will not regret it. 

Eat It With Cheese

There are any number of cheeses that will go perfectly with a slice of honeycomb. Place a bit of honeycomb on top of your cheese and be prepared for a delightful experience your taste buds will not soon forget. 

But, what kinds of cheese go well with honeycomb? Well, let us take a look. 

  • Cheddar: You simply have to try the classic cheddar cheese with your honey comb. Just cut a slice of cheese and place it on your cracker or bread with the honey on top, and you are sure to experience a slice of heaven.

    The strong flavor of the cheddar with the delicate and sweet honey is just to die for. 

  • Blue Cheese: Blue cheese is a staple for those that learn to enjoy the strong taste of this cheese. But, did you know that it combines really well with honeycomb.

    The sweetness adds another level to the flavor that you can scarcely explain. In fact, blue cheese goes so well with honeycomb that almost any type will complement this sweet treat perfectly.
  • Ricotta: If you are a lover of soft and gooey cheeses like ricotta, and you have not tried combining this cheese with honeycomb, you are missing out.

    You can make your own ricotta, or you can purchase it from your local market, brands like Bellwether Farms make a perfectly delightful ricotta cheese that will go perfectly with your honeycomb. 

  • Parmigiano or Reggiano: Because these cheeses are strong, and crumbly, it might be a good idea to make the honeycomb the star of the show.

    Simply placing the honeycomb on the bread or cracker with a sprinkling of parmigiano or reggiano on top will be a perfect combination that will definitely impress you. 

  • Truffle Cheese: Truffles are another classic guest at a charcuterie and can often be seen in certain cheeses or honeys.

    So, if you feel like trying something fancy with your honeycomb, you can add a truffle cheese to your bread or cracker.

    This combination is fantastic and certainly something a seasoned honeycomb eater or cheese eater will enjoy a great deal. 

  • Washed-Rind Cheeses: This kind of cheese might be a strange leap of faith for those that are not brave enough to try the ‘funky’ cheeses.

    It may be time to expand your horizons because a washed-rind cheese is a truly magical experience when combined with a slice of honeycomb.

    If you are unfamiliar with this kind of cheese, it might be a good idea to go for a more mild version and if you like the taste,  feel free to eat a stronger washed-rind cheese. 

  • Goat Cheese: An astounding way to enjoy your honeycomb is to pair it with a goat cheese like Chèvre or even a Brie.

    This creamy cheese on top of some bread or a cracker with the added sweetness and texture of the honeycomb is a perfectly delicious treat you can enjoy on a charcuterie board. 

Charcuterie Meats

There is, of course, always the option to pair your honeycomb with a charcuterie meat.

Simply place your meat on a cracker, piece of bread or whatever vehicle you choose for your meat and honey, add the meat and top it off with a nice slice of honeycomb.

You might be surprised to find that this savory and sweet combination is actually perfectly delectable and will certainly have you coming back for more. 

You could try these combinations with flavorful meats like prosciutto or even salami, it is all up to you and your tastes. Regardless, this is something you simply have to try on a charcuterie board. 

Just Honeycomb

There is of course the option to eat the honeycomb plain, this will give you the chance to savor the sweetness and enjoy the smooth yet waxy texture.

Just cut yourself a slice of honeycomb and use your finger, a for or a spoon, so you can enjoy this astoundingly delicious treat. You will not regret it, and your mouth will thank you for this delicacy. 

How Do I Serve Honeycomb?

You might be wondering how to serve your honeycomb. Do you pre-cut aloof your slices and place them on the board, or do you leave the slab of honeycomb for people to cut themselves?

There are any number of ways you could serve your honeycomb. 

how do you serve honeycomb on a charcuterie board?

The answer to this question is a bit up in the air, this is because there is no real wrong or right answer.

You can put your chunk of honeycomb in a separate plate or dish so that it does not drip everywhere, this is probably the most common serving method that we have seen.

Others place it directly on the board for people to cut into slices, and it is used in much the same way as the former serving option.

Regardless of which method you pick, there are often honey dippers that are used for those that just want to drizzle a bit of honey on their carefully crafted snack. 

The important thing to remember is to be free with the way you make your charcuterie board look. It is up to you and as the host you get to decide what you like and how you want your charcuterie board to look.

So, pick an option that works best for you and do not look back.

Final Thoughts

That is all for this article, we hope that you have learned a great deal about charcuterie boards and how you can serve your honeycomb.

This sweet treat is definitely something you should try serving with your selection of cheeses and meats. It really sets everything apart, adds to the flavor and of course just looks fancy. 

So, if you have not tried honeycomb on your charcuterie board, it might be a great time to start. Now that you are equipped with all the knowledge you need to serve this delightful treat, there is no excuse. Expand your palate and try something new. 

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